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Unknown Insect: School Closed For Three Days In Bilonia

In Jaikatpur school under Hrishyamukh Block under Bilonia Subdivision , the students and teachers of the school are under fear due to the severe attack of a type of mosquito.

It is known that for the last three days these mosquito-like insects have swarmed in the school. 

On Monday, the head teacher, informed the district education officer and school inspector about the matter.

Knowing about the matter on Tuesday, South Tripura District Chief Health Officer Dr. Subrata Das and a delegation of doctors from Matai Hospital visited Jaikatpur School and its surrounding areas.

 After the inspection, South Tripura District Health Officer Dr. Subrata Das said reporters that there are widespread mosquito-like insect nests everywhere from the school’s class room to the balcony wall.

He said they are mosquito-like insects but they are not mosquitoes. However, it is not yet known if any physical problems are caused by the bite of these insect.

Meanwhile, the school authorities and the district education officer have been requested to keep the school closed until the insect infestation in the school is stopped. The school authorities have decided to close the school for the next three days.

He said that apart from School, various houses in the area are also being inspected. Is there such an insect anywhere else? Although nothing was found anywhere, he said.

Meanwhile, the parents and the school authority tried to remove the insects by fogging , but they could not be removed away by any means.

The attack of unknown insect in the school has created a lot of panic in the area including the school.

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