Vaccination: ‘Wait And Watch’ In Tripura….

With State Health Department reporting shortfalls in meeting their Covid-19 Vaccination targets, the experience of the last couple of days has made one thing clear — uptake of the vaccines against COVID-19 in the first phase among healthcare and frontline workers is uneven. Health authority of the State cite a “wait and watch” approach as the main reason. With the vaccination itself being voluntary, it is estimated that people are waiting to see how those who have already received the vaccine fared. What is also clear now is vaccine hesitancy even among medical professionals. “We are continuing with the vaccination even if there is sluggish uptake. Some health professionals have promised to come for vaccination after one or two days. We expect the response to improve after the weekend,” said an high official of Tripura Health service. Vaccination drive in Tripura started from Saturday last and it was the target to give 7829 shot but the actual figure is only 4269. Successive rate is only 54.53%. Even on the day three of the vaccination on Tuesday there was a target to give vaccine to total 3688 health workers, but at last the figure stands on 1988. In the first two days vaccination drive were organized in 99 centers but significantly on day three it was reduced to 49 centers. The estimated target for the health workers in first phase is 45420. But till now the success rate is only near about 10 percent. According to the survey of The Tripura Post Some people decided not to turn up at the last moment. The vaccination programme is completely voluntary. None can ask anyone to compulsorily take the shot even if the person has registered for it. There seemed to be a lot of apprehensions among healthcare workers regarding the side effects profile, which definitely affected the numbers. Government should go for the publicity regarding these issues for a successive Vaccination Drive.

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