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Vandalism Of Cars At Night Increasing In Agartala

The owners are in big trouble if they keep cars on the side of the road in the dark of night. Starting from breaking the glass of the car, stealing the battery, damaging the tires, these are now happening in a new way daily.

According to the police report, this trend has been increasing for the last couple of months. Even around the city of Agartala, at least more than a dozen small and large vehicles were damaged during this period.

In this situation, questions naturally arise about police patrolling.

Babul Ghosh, the owner of a cargo lorry in Siddhi Ashram area of ​​ Badharghat assembly constituency, said that in the dark of Thursday night, miscreants attacked the cargo lorry while it was parked near his house. The entire vehicle including the front glass of the lorry has been damaged.

He said, politically, as he is a supporter of the Congress, such an attack was carried out in a pre-planned manner.

According to him, miscreants stole a battery from his car just two days ago. Incidentally, the cars of other leaders and workers supported by the Congress were also vandalized in the Kamar Pukur Par area of ​​Agartala.

Even though the police is aware of such incidents, no action is taken even in a single case. At least that is what Congress have claimed.

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