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Veggies Out Of Common Man’s Reach Due To High Price.

With prices up vegetables are getting out of common man’s reach. The poor are not including veggies in their diet as prices of green vegetables and relatively non-perishables soaring. Impact is more visible in retail markets as retailers and vendors are quick to hike rates whereas they take time to pass on benefits of reduced prices to customers. Sukanta Paul a vegetable agent, said prices of almost all vegetables had increased , both in wholesale and retail markets. prices of coriander, chill, radish, carrot, capsicum, cauliflower and peas had skyrocketed with even middle class people deciding to change their menu. All these are average 150 per killo. Retail prices differing substantially from locality to locality and during morning and evening hours. ‘We are helpless as no body to look after to control the price’ said Bina saha, a veggie buyer from Dhaleswar.

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