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Vehicle Loaded With Goods Block The Entrance Of School. Students Hits The Road In Protest

Students of Sakhicharan Vidyaniketan, Agartala blocked the road on Tuesday as the vehicles loaded with goods keep parking in front of the main entrance of the school.

School students daily facing this problem. Due to which they blocked the road in front of the main gate of the school.

Finally, the officials of the traffic department rushed to the spot. They assured the students that they will not allow motorists to park in front of the school from Wednesday. 

The students withdrew the blockade on this day after receiving the assurance. 

A parent said that for the past few years, students are facing problems in traveling to school as a result of such illegal parking. The traffic workers went to Maharajganja market without paying any attention. Local traders have been informed many times about the matter. But they don’t care. So finally the students were forced to block the road.

Traffic official who rushed to the spot after receiving the news said that efforts will be made to keep the area traffic free from tomorrow. 

However, questions have started to arise as to why the traffic workers did not pay any attention to this for so long. Now when the students are forced to block the road, they are now become active.

Meanwhile, the role of the school management committee has also caused extreme anger among the parents. Because those who are in charge of the school management committee could have taken measures to solve the issue by talking to the businessmen earlier. But this was not done by the school management committee. 

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