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Verbal FIR Must Be Recorded: Tripura Public Accountability Commission

The police accountability commission of Tripura recommended certain measures to enhance police accountability across the state based on the reports and findings of the commission’s annual report 2019. It is stated that the police need to frame reasonable time limits for delivery of various types of services to the public and publish or display these tentative timelines and conspicuous places and may also devise a supervisory mechanism ti ensure that services are delivered to the people in a time bound manner. It’s observed that the police officers hesitate and delay in registering FIR in cognizable offences. Sometimes they insists on an FIR in writing and refuse to record verbal FIR. Henceforth verbal FIR must be recorded. The commission recommends that the appropriate authority should impart proper training to the police personal to sensitize them for people friendly conduct and to obey the law strictly.

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