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Village Committee Issue: Unrest Spreading In New Areas Of TTAADC

The running dispute between state government and the newly constituted ADC is taking a turn for the worse as MGNREGA and other works on poverty alleviation schemes are coming to a stop. In a worrying development MGNREGA works in Hodrai and Dakshin Pulinpur ADC villages have come to a stop. This situation has come about because of the dispute over various rural development works between ‘Tipra Motha’ and BJP. What is more alarming is that Village Committee secretaries are finding it extremely difficult to carry out their works and they have informed the BDOs about this. Earlier the Mungiakami block had to cease work for a period because it had laid under siege by irate ‘Tipra Motha’ workers and supporters.
Even as this situation is continuing, the chairman of ADC and erstwhile INPT general secretary Jagadish Debbarma has accused the state government of interference in the normal functioning of ADC. Taking exception to a circular issued by the state government  putting a ban on formation of ADC village advisory committees, Jagadish said that the Village Committee act passed  in 1994 had empowered the ADC to constitute village advisory committees but the state government has put a ban on this recently by issuing a circular even though the term of the elected village committees expired early this year. “After winning the assembly election in 2018 the BJP-IPFT combine had forcibly captured the village committees event though there were elected committees then and ran them illegally but now they are creating obstacles in the way of formation of the committees though a new dispensation has taken over ADC.This is nothing short of uncalled for interference in the autonomous functioning of the ADC” said Jagadish. Tension is brewing in Teliamura and adjoining areas over the question of who will control the Village Committees as the state government and the newly formed Executive Committee of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council has taken a different stand over the issue. After the Mungiyakami and Ampi, report of fresh trouble came from two more villages, Hadrai and South Pulinpur, where also the supporters of BJP and the TIPRA Motha came face to face but untoward incidents could be averted due to timely intervention of the administration. Receiving the information that the supporters of the rival political parties are assembling the Block Development Officer Shantanu Bikash Das went to Hadrai while the Officer-in-Charge of Teliamura Police Station Nani Gopal Dey rushed to South Pulinpur with additional forces and brought the situation under control. The agitating Motha supporters told the BDO that since their party won the ADC election they must be allowed to look after the activities of the Village Committees. The BDO heard their appeal and assured to take up the matter with the higher authorities. Meanwhile, the BJP and IPFT demanded immediate arrest of the six TIPRA Motha supporters who were responsible for the attack when a meeting of the Block Advisory Committee was in progress on Wednesday last. They also threatened to block the National  Highway at Chakmaghat if the accused are not arrested.    

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