Violence Broke Out Once Again In Manipur. Curfew Imposed

Curfew was imposed in Manipur’s capital Imphal on Monday after violence broke out once again. 

Miscreants set ablaze some vacant houses in New Lambulen area of ​​Imphal. It is reported that there was a dispute over a place in a local market in the New Chacon area. 

This dispute took place between the Meitai and Kuki communities. There was a fight between them. The matter escalated gradually, after which reports of arson have come to the fore. 

Para Military Force and Army have been called here to control the situation.

At present, curfew has been imposed in the area. Earlier, the curfew was relaxed till 4 pm.

Let us tell you that on May 3, violence broke out in Torbang area of ​​Churachandpur district of Manipur. After which the situation got out of control here on 4th May. 

To bring the situation under control, the state government had ordered to shoot the miscreants. Along with this, the army was also deployed for security.

A total of 71 people died in the violence between the Kuki-Naga and Meitei communities that began on May 3. 

More than 230 people were injured and 1700 houses were burnt. The internet has been closed here since the violence. Curfew is being relaxed from time to time.

About 10 days ago, 11 people went to Torbang village on the border of Bishnupur and Churachandpur to collect goods from their burnt houses. 

Meanwhile, they were attacked by the militants. Eight ran away and reached the BSF camp, while nothing has been traced to three.

Assam Rifles, BSF and CRPF launched a search operation for them, but have not been able to find them yet.

Internet has been suspended in Manipur since the violence. On Sunday, the government has issued a notification to shut down the internet on May 26. 

The government says that the miscreants should not make fake news and photos viral on social media, so the internet has been shut down.

Curfew was implemented. The curfew is being relaxed from time to time so that people can buy essential goods.

More than half of Manipur’s population of about 38 lakhs are from the Meitei community. 

The Imphal Valley, which covers about 10% of Manipur’s area, is dominated by the Meitei community. 

The Manipur High Court has directed the state government to consider the demand of the Meitei community and send recommendations to the Center within 4 months.

Following this order, All Tribal Students Union (ATSU) Manipur took out a rally on 3rd May demanding Scheduled Tribe status for Meiteis in Manipur. Which later turned violent.

The people of the Meitei community argue that before the merger of the Indian Union in 1949, they had the status of a tribe in the princely state. 

The Meitei population has decreased from 62% to around 50% in the last 70 years. The Meitei community is demanding reservation for its cultural identity.

The Naga and Kuki tribes of Manipur are protesting against giving reservation to the Meitei community. 

The Nagas occupy 90% of the state’s area and the Kukis form 34% of the state’s population. 

They say that 40 of the state’s 60 assembly seats are already in the Meitei-dominated Imphal Valley.

Politically, the Meitei community is already dominant in Manipur. The Naga and Kuki tribes are apprehensive that reservation for Meitei in the ST category will lead to division in their rights. 

As per the existing law, the Meitei community is not allowed to settle in the hilly areas of the state.

in Manipur can be attributed to the Meitei reservation, but in August last year, Chief Minister Biren Singh’s government ordered the eviction of the Naga and Kuki tribes living in the forest areas of Churachandpur, terming them as intruders.

Naga-Kuki were getting angry with this. The Meiteis are Hindus, while most of the Nagas and Kukis of the ST category follow Christianity.

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