Virat & Onion Scored Centuries. What Will Modi Say Now?: Priyanka Gandhi

All India Congress Committee General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, while referring to a statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding inflation, taunted that now Virat and Onion have scored a century, what will Prime Minister Modi say on this.

Addressing a public meeting in Kukshi in Dhar district of the tribal belt of Madhya Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi said that BJP is immersed in corruption, big palaces are being built, just yesterday a video of the Agriculture Minister’s son came out, in which he We are talking about transactions worth hundreds of crores of rupees. Whatever announcement is being made by BJP is completely hollow. Whereas, Congress governments have always worked to hand over your rights. Earlier, employment was available from big government companies. But, today the government has done the work of selling all the big companies. On the other hand, heavy taxes are being collected from small traders by introducing laws like GST, due to which inflation is continuously increasing.

She said, “There was a time when Narendra Modi used to say whether Sachin will score a century or an onion. Today I want to tell them that Virat has also scored a century and so has Onion, now that they have the government, what will they say on this?”

Raising slogans of ‘Birsa Munda ki Jai’ and ‘Har Har Narmade’, Priyanka Gandhi said, “We guarantee the youth that our government will do the work of filling 2 lakh government posts soon, unemployed youth will be given financial assistance of up to Rs 3,000.” Help will be given. Under the ‘Padho Aur Padhao Scheme’, Rs 500 will be given every month to children of classes 1 to 8, Rs 1,000 to children of classes 9 and 10 and Rs 1,500 to children of classes 11 and 12. Today your biggest problem is unemployment and inflation, more than 90 percent posts are lying vacant in the state. Today I want to ask Shivraj Singh that when your government has been in power for 18 years, why have these posts not been filled? 17 women are being raped every day in the state and the government does not talk about any security.”

Attacking Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Priyanka Gandhi said, “He has committed more than 250 scams in MP including Patwari scam, Mahakal scam, Vyapam scam, tree plantation scam. Therefore, I want to tell you that you should choose a government which will work honestly for you. Today’s government says that it does not have money to implement OPS, but is waiving off the loans of big industrialists. We will implement OPS when our government comes.”

At the end of her address, Priyanka Gandhi, quoting Congress’s pledge, said, “We will give a monthly honorarium of Rs 1,500 to every woman, we will give a gas cylinder for Rs 500, we will implement the old pension. We guarantee the youth that our government will work to fill 2 lakh government posts soon and unemployed youth will be given financial assistance of up to 3,000. We will give farmers a support price of Rs 2,500 for their paddy, we will work on waiving off the fees for government examinations. Will fill the backlog posts of SC, ST and OBC.”

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