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We Are Against The Demand Of Greater Tipraland: Trinamool Congress

Trinamool Congress has made it clear that they do not support the demands of Greater Tipra Land of TIPRA Motha.

Trinamool leader in charge of Tripura Rajib Banerjee said, “We are against the demand to make Greater Tipraland or Tripura even smaller. Tripura is already a small state. Therefore, special status can be given to tribals and tribes instead of making separate state”

Rajya Sabha Trinamool MP Sushmita Dev said, “It is a very sensitive issue. And the head of Tipra Motha himself said that only the central government can give them a written promise to make Greater Tipraland. We also want the tribals of this state to be developed.”

Notably BJP, CPI(M) and Congress had earlier opposed Tipra Motha’s demand of Greater Tipraland.

Tipramotha chief Pradyot Kishore Manikya Devabarman has said that they are not budging from the demand of ‘Greater Tipraland’. They have been called by the Union Home Ministry to talk to them about this. But they have informed that Tipramotha is not willing to sit in the discussion unless they get a written commitment from the center about ‘Greater Tipraland’. 

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