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“We Are Going To Block National Highway” Threats Deprived Returnees Committee

The Deprived Returnees Movement Committee in a press conference, held in Agartala Press Club on Wednesday gave an ultimatum of 2 days to Tripura Govt to schedule a talk with the committee of ‘Deprived Returnees’.

Addressing the press ,Committee General Secretary of the committee Amrit Reang said that “on 6th February last a meeting was held with the higher authority where we placed our demands but as no demand was fulfilled we are going to organize agitation protest for 2 days from 17th to 18th August, 2021. We also placed 9 points of demands. Later the Tribal Welfare Department Secretary assured us that our demands will be considered.”

“After that the protests were withdrawn but till date no response came from the authority categorically about our demands and issues”.

On Tuesday the Secretary of the Tribal Welfare Department again called the General Secretary of the committee and asked them to join in a meeting, but after sometime another call came from Tribal Welfare Add Secretary saying that the meeting was cancelled due to a Govt programme being held in the auditorium.

Now the Returnees have given an ultimatum to organize a meeting with them or they will go in road blockade from 6th October at Champak Nagar which falls under National Highway.  

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