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What Can Public Do If Govt Ignore The Apex Court Verdict: Tripura Jute Mill Workers

Tripura jute mill workers are dreaming of a bright day after the court verdict. They held a press conference at the Agartala Press Club congratulating the Supreme Court and the High Court on the re-instatement of the previously announced judgment of payment of salaries and allowances from January 1, 1996. 

Dhanumani Singh, Secretary of Jute mill Pensioners’ Welfare Society, said that there is no need to say anything new where the Supreme Court of India has given its verdict.

“There is nothing more regrettable than the government not complying with the court’s verdict. It will create adverse reactions in people. Therefore, in this situation Tripura Jute Mill Joint Movement Committee thinks that in the coming days the government and jute mill authorities will definitely settle the pending and dues of the workers” he said. 

“The trick of not paying is still going on. The Supreme Court has ruled to settle the money by January 2024” Dhanumani Singh, Secretary of Jutmill Pensioners Welfare Society also said that 1638 workers will benefit from this verdict. 

In addition, he expressed his fear and said that if the government does not accept the judgment of the Supreme Court, then there is nothing more sad than that. 

And he also questioned what the public will do if the government ignores the Supreme Court’s verdict.

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