When Apex Court Ask Centre For Equality

It should be naturally expected from the Central Government that it will adopt a fair and benevolent attitude towards the States and will look at them with equal eyes. But allegation is that this is not happening.

The BJP government at the center allegedly is more kind to the states ruled by its party and ignores their mistakes or shortcomings.

On the contrary, the attitude of the center towards the state governments ruled by the opposition parties remains tough.

The demands and complaints of those states are not being redressed. The attitude of the Center towards the opposition-ruled governments is strict and allegedly it does not miss any opportunity to attack them.

This matter has come to the notice of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court made sharp comments against the central government on the reservation issue in the northeastern state of Nagaland.

The court questioned why reservation for women was not implemented in the state. Reprimanding the Supreme Court told the Center that why don’t you take action against the state governments of your own party? You take a tough stand against other state governments which are not responsible to you, but you do nothing in the state where your party is ruling.

Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul said that the central government cannot wash its hands off the issue of reservation for women in Nagaland.

His work has also become easier because the political system of the state is in line with the political system of the center.

It is strange that the Advocate General of Nagaland is seeking directions for the ninth time to implement a constitutional provision.

The Supreme Court said that the court is giving time till September 26 to finalize things in this matter. This is the last chance. If the solution is not found next time, the Supreme Court will hear the matter and take a final decision.

Justice Kaul asked whether there is any provision against reservation for women? Why is there opposition to women’s participation when women are equally involved in all walks of life? You had promised that you will implement reservation but turned away.

There is a BJP coalition government in Nagaland. In April, the court had asked to hold local body elections there with women’s reservation and also questioned whether women’s reservation as per Article 343D of the Constitution is applicable to Nagaland? The Center has not yet given its answer.

In this hearing, Additional Solicitor General KS Nataraj was present on behalf of the Center and Advocate General KN Balagopal was present on behalf of the Government of Nagaland.

Nataraj told the court that the state government has initiated the legislative process so that this issue is completely over in Nagaland.

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