Why Gandhi….

Mahatma Gandhi used to travel on a mental journey of his experiences. It is very interesting that while doing this he also kept testing himself. 

He accepted his mistakes and repented by punishing himself many times. Self-discussion had an important place in his personal biography. 

He was able to see his own faults without any fear. With a sharp eye of constant self-criticism, Gandhiji stuck to the vows he took like an ascetic. 

It was his personal decision to choose fasting, silence, naturopathy, social service and physical labour. 

This practice began with the history of Satyagraha in South Africa, and continued with experiments with Hind Swaraj and Satya. 

Building relationships at different levels, improving and resolving damaged relationships and strengthening existing relationships in their personal, remained the main objective of political and social life. 

Gandhiji also kept finding opportunities for creativity in the warmth of human relationships.

The attempt to make others a part of himself can be seen continuously in Gandhiji’s work. 

Gandhiji’s objective behind adopting measures like charkha, khadi cottage industry and naturopathy was related to this. 

Due to his acceptance of the inner unity of man, meeting his opponents and changing their hearts was a major part of Gandhiji’s work.

In today’s life his ideology can show the way even to a common man.

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