Why Govt Postpone The Reservation Of Women Putting Condition Of Census, Seat Realignment….

Narendra Modi sings the praises of women’s power in Parliament after passing the Women’s Reservation Bill. It is for this work that he claims himself to be ‘God-sent’.

But in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, one-third of the seats will not be reserved for women. 

Because the Modi government’s bill says that the census and seats will be rearranged first. Only after that women’s reservation will come into effect. Otherwise, it cannot be decided which seats will be reserved for women.

The Women’s Reservation Bill was discussed in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha for two days. But why the census is needed before the reservation of women? 

No central government minister or BJP leader could answer this question in Parliament. 

Because there is no real need for a census to save women.

Another question remains unanswered in the Modi government’s Women’s Reservation Bill. 

That is, on what basis will any seats in Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha be reserved for women? What is that rule? There is no explanation in the bill. Why? Because it is not possible to make any rules.

The census was supposed to be held in 2021. Modi government claims that census could not be conducted due to covid. Now it is heard that the census will be held after the Lok Sabha polls. 

The last census was held in 2011. According to that census, women constituted 48.5 percent of the country’s population. 

There was little variation in the proportion of females in the population across states. But that’s not a big deal — between that 47 percent and 49 percent. Kerala has slightly higher female population. More than 52 percent. And slightly less in Haryana. 46 percent in the house. In all other states, the share of women in the population is in the 47, 48 or 49 percent range. 

The percentage of women population in Lok Sabha or Assembly constituencies of the states is more or less the same. 

It was seen in the 2011 census. It is not that this picture will change if there is a fresh census after the Lok Sabha polls. Therefore, which Lok Sabha or Assembly constituencies will be reserved for women, cannot be decided by census. This is exactly why there is no need for a census before implementing women’s reservation.

Census is required for reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes, Tribes. In Lok Sabha or Assembly constituencies where their population is high, the seats are reserved for SCs, STs. 

The share of women in the population is more or less the same all over the country. So which seats will be reserved for women is the only way to bar. That is, the lottery.

According to the bill, one-third of the 543 Lok Sabha seats or 181 seats will be reserved. This system will be in operation for 15 years. That is, the policy of reservation for women will be maintained in the three Lok Sabha elections. 

All rotating seats will be reserved for women. In that case, it will be decided by lottery, which of the 181 Lok Sabha seats will be reserved for women for the first time. Others again next time. 

The responsibility of this lottery could have been safely left to the Election Commission. Women’s reservation could have been implemented in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

Then why did Narendra Modi-Amit Shah postpone the reservation of women by putting the condition of census, seat realignment?

The reason is very simple. If the Women’s Reservation Bill came into effect in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP would also have to field women candidates in about 33 percent of the seats. 

Only six months left for the polls. In most Lok Sabha constituencies, MPs have started preparations to contest the next polls. Most of them are men. 

Because only 34 of BJP’s 303 MPs are women. In 2019, BJP contested 437 out of 543 Lok Sabha seats. Never before has BJP won so many seats in the Lok Sabha polls. 

Now BJP is breaking the veil of women-power, but then only 53 of those 437 BJP candidates were women. 

When Narendra Modi first came to power, in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP contested in 428 Lok Sabha constituencies across the country. 

BJP fielded women candidates in only 8.8 per cent of its constituencies. In 2019, it increased to 12.6 percent. 

Now is it possible for the BJP to suddenly remove a large part of the party’s male leaders and field women candidates? Why BJP It is not possible for any party.

It was not possible for the BJP to implement the Women’s Reservation Bill in 2024 due to organizational reasons.

BJP leaders are arguing that women will vote for them more after the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill.

” Now women’s reservation will not work, women will vote only for passing the bill, Narendra Modi-Amit Shah surely don’t think women are so stupid” said opposition. 

And if the women’s vote was a bird’s eye view, the bill would have been passed closer to the Lok Sabha polls, either in the winter session in December or the budget session in February. Not six months before the polls. 

Then why suddenly a special session of Parliament was called to pass the Women’s Protection Bill? There is only one reason. Keeping Narendra Modi’s image intact. 

 At the beginning of September, questions arose in the international press about the manipulation of Adani Group’s share price, money laundering abroad, and its return to the country. There was no problem with that. But Adani was described as ‘closer to Narendra Modi’ in foreign newspapers. 

The picture of the two was printed side by side. Since then, the mystery-thriller series started in politics. 

First, the mystery of ‘one state, one vote’.  In the end, the women’s reservation bill is barred from bag. Was it necessary to be so secretive about it?  “The attention was removed from the Adani scandal in three to four weeks. Narendra Modi’s image remained intact. That is the last card of BJP now. No one knows what will happen to BJP without ‘Brand Narendra Modi'” saying opposition parties of the country.

This is one success of Narendra Modi by passing the Women’s Reservation Bill. Ditching the ‘friend of Adani’ impression and emerging as ‘God-sent’.

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