Why There Is No Initiative From International Level To Stop Israel-Palestine War!

The already complex situation in the entire area worsened after Hamas’ rocket attack from the Gaza Strip on Saturday. 

It can be estimated from this that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to call it a ‘war situation’. 

He even said that our enemies will have to pay such a price that they will not even know about.

On the other hand, a Hamas leader also said that ‘enough is enough’. That is, in a way, an open war has been declared between Hamas and Israel and now, despite not wanting, the world is about to witness another such tragedy, in which the common people have to bear the ultimate brunt.

After the latest attack, Hamas claimed that it fired five thousand rockets at Israel within twenty minutes. 

Apart from this, many Hamas terrorists also entered the Israeli border and also claimed to have captured many soldiers there. 

There has been considerable loss of life and property on both sides. Besides, with Hezbollah also entering the fray, there are signs of new equations emerging.

This time the conflict between Israel and Hamas is not only likely to worsen the picture in the entire region, but it may also have an impact at the international level. 

In fact, on the very first day, while France, Germany and the European Union condemned the attacks by Hamas, there were reports of Iran supporting Hamas.

This means that camps have already started forming on this issue and it is difficult to say which direction the latest developments will take. 

Therefore, naturally the Indian Embassy in Israel said that in view of the current situation, Indians living there should be alert and follow the guidelines given by the local administration.

This time, given the level of sharpness being seen in the swift attack by Hamas and Israel’s response to it, there is little hope of the situation improving immediately. 

The Israeli army has also declared war. Now, if the scope of war and violence expands further, more number of common citizens will be affected by it.

It is noteworthy that there is a long history of conflict between Hamas and Israel. 

The conflict that started from the roots of dispute over issues like two different sides regarding the occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and dual policy regarding citizenship in East Jerusalem, etc has today reached such a stage that Israel and Palestine are generally face to face. -Stay in front only.

Israel’s policies and sometimes aggressive decisions are met with aggressive response from the Palestinian rebel group Hamas. 

The irony is that no concrete initiative is seen at the international level to resolve this issue or for peace. 

Therefore, it can be understood what the outcome of the Hamas attack and Israel’s response will be. It is not hidden that as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, not only the citizens of the affected areas are in trouble, but it has also affected everything from grain supply to other related matters and business.

Many countries of the world are suffering losses due to this. Now even after the conflict between Israel and Hamas, if complex conditions of war arise, then the result will be only a new tragedy. War is not the solution to any problem.

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