Will Modi Charisma Work For BJP In 2024 General Election?

In 2014, the saffron camp won power in the center by winning 282 seats for the first time. 

After five years in the ’19 Lok Sabha polls, the number of seats increased to 303 and the power captured for the second time. 

But now according to the political analysts All-India survey report on behalf of the party is increasing BJP’s concern. 

The cause for concern is an internal report prepared by the party itself. 

BJP lost 144 seats in the last Lok Sabha polls. Adding 16 more seats, the total 160 seats have been mentioned as ‘weak’ in the report. 

That means BJP will have 383 seats to win the 2024 elections. 272 seats are required to get majority out of 543 Lok Sabha seats. 

If they want to win, they have to get that number of seats out of 383 seats. Because BJP is weak in remaining 160 seats. 

So BJP to face trouble to reach the magic figure of 272 to maintain the winning streak. 

Above all the manner in which the opposition united to clamp down on the Modi government in the just-concluded winter session is also a significant matter ahead of the Lok Sabha Election. 

It is difficult for the BJP to succeed in the seat it lost last time. As things stand, it is like living in a fool’s paradise to think that the ocher flag will fly in all the seats won last time.

No doubt BJP central leadrs are concern of losing several seats it won last time. Nitish Kumar is managing the state in Bihar after leaving the BJP, which is a cause of concern for the BJP. 

Although they managed to retain the power recently in Gujarat, they lost Himachal Pradesh. 

States like Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram will vote in 2023. 

BJP is not in power in five of these states. It is unlikely that BJP will win in these five states. 

And , the coalition government is running in Maharashtra . As a result, the top leadership of the BJP has got their hands on the party’s assessment. 

Unemployment, price rise, created anger across the country due to various false promises.

 It is becoming increasingly clear that it will be difficult to win votes solely on Modi’s charisma. 

And so the saffron camp is planning to reduce the weakness in the seat lost last time to reduce this additional pressure. 

To strengthen the foundation of the organization in weak areas, the BJP leadership is embarking on the ‘Prabas’ campaign. 

In fact, the ruling camp of the center is facing a tough challenge. 

Moreover, one of the biggest trouble of the BJP in various states is probably the communal conflict. Its influence has also been seen in the Himachal polls. 

But BJP is taking different strategies for different states. Preparations for the 24th polls have already started.

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