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“Will Not Leave BJP” Said Tripura MLA Ramprasad Paul

Putting into rest all speculations about his future political move, MLA Ramprasad Paul has denied any sort of claim which was being made in the Social Media that he would leave BJP and join another party.

It was during a press conference on Thursday where he made it clear that everything which said against his name was fake and added that he would only work for the ruling party in a proper and honest way.

He said that the kind of people who circulated these are friendly foes as they make sure that he is always in the news but in a wrong way.

He further said that any sort of responsibility which will be given on his shoulder by the party he would make sure he does his best. He was also thankful to the media personnel as they were present on this day to cover the truth.

The speculations over his future course of action were going on since he was not inducted in the state cabinet.

It may be recalled that Ram Prasad Pal is one of the old time BJP leader and never left the party earlier despite differences on various issues.

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