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With 1.13 Percent Of Fatality Rate Covid19 Toll Reached 340 In Tripura: Festive Breaking All The Covid Norms

Covid19 fatality rate spikes twice in last 4 days as the covid death toll stands on 340 on sunday morning. During last four days covid19 fatality rate spikes from 1.11 percent to 1.13 percent gradually. The state registered 3 more covid19 deaths in last 24 hours till sunday 9 AM, official data shows. With 6.67 percent positivity rate the state recorded 30,234 covid19 case load as of sunday morning. Health department done 3123 covid19 tests on friday, but on Saturday it was reduced to 1840. Recovery rate is satisfactory, close to 93 percent as per the official data. Till now 1854 active patents are there. Most of them are under home isolation. Meanwhile Durga Puja festival breaking all the covid norms specially in city Agartala. As the weather become bit clear the deadly virus easily getting crowd in the day as well as in the night time. Malls and market place as well as puja in the puja pandals crowd breaking the covid19 norms in terms of Social distance and masks.

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