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Woman Gives Birth To Baby In Public Toilet In Teliamura

On the way to the hospital, a woman suffering from labor pains gave birth in a public toilet on the roadside. 

It is alleged that after calling 102 ambulance, they spent another half an hour saying that they will come.

Ambulance problem worsens the situation of helpless women. Later, journalist called 102 ambulance and firemen.

The incident happened around 1.30 pm on Monday in Ampi Chowmuhani area of ​​Teliamura. 

According to the family of the tribal woman, when the wife of Karthik Debbarma, a resident of Duski area of ​​Teliamura, started feeling labor pain, her family members took her to the Teliamura sub-division hospital. 

At half a kilometer before reaching the hospital, due to physical problems, she went to the public toilet in Ompi Chowmuhani.

At that time the woman gave birth a child there. Later, her family members contacted the hospital but they could not bring the ambulance.

Later on the action of a journalist, the ambulance came and took the woman to the hospital after half an hour, but when the condition of the newly born son worsened, the doctor on duty referred him to GBP Hospital. 

If the ambulance reached on time both mother and child could have been healthy in this hospital without referring to GBP hospital, said the family members.

Complaint is against the hospital authority in this regard.

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