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Women Beaten, House Vandalized Led By BJP Corporator In Name Of Anti Drug Campaign In Durjaynagar

BJP Corporator Suparna Debnath of Durjaynagar Shanti Sangha Club area took part in the anti-drug campaign with her team and took the law into her own hand. 

The raids were carried out on houses in the area. Later the team of Suparna Debnath quarreled and beat the people of the house. Not only that the house has been vandalized. 

According to the report, the corporator of the area Suparna Debnath took part in the anti-drug campaign in Durjaynagar area including Holy Cross School.

She went to every house in the area and warned them to stay away from drugs. But while doing this, there was a quarrel between the members of a house and team corporator. 

Later the people of the house were beaten led by the corporator pradhan (head) and the Upapradhan (deputy head). 

Household items were vandalized. The most surprising thing is that even the women and girls of the house complained that the people of the corporator’s group beat them severely.

The people of that house complained that some miscreants from the area led by corporate came and first broke the gate and the doors and windows of the house. When the girl of the house wanted to record everything on her mobile, they took the woman and the girl out of the house and beat them severely. 

Airport police rushed to the spot after receiving the news.  However, the question arises why the corporator did not informed the police during the operation. And who has given the right to a corporate to vandalize people’s homes taking law in own hand. 

“It is necessary to draw the attention of the police against drugs. But the incident of attacking people’s homes and beating women with gangs has once again corrupted the present government. And the question is how the, being a corporator, has lost confidence on the police and indulged in such incidents” asks the local residents. 

“It is normal to raise awareness against drugs, but in the name of the campaign, beating of women and vandalism of houses may not given power to a corporator by any law” said the locals.

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