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Women Blocked Dharmanagar- Kailasahar Road For Water Crisis

There is a long-standing crisis of drinking water in Anandabazar of Dharmanagar sub-division under North Tripura district.

It is alleged that despite repeated appeals to the local administration and leaders including legislators, nothing has been done to alleviate the drinking water crisis.

In the end, the common people of the area hold the road blockade.

Since Monday morning, the blockade has led to traffic jam and the suffering had became extreme.

According to local sources, there has been extreme anger among the locals due to the drinking water crisis for a long time.

As a result of the expression of anger, the locals blocked the road at Anandabazar area of ​​Dharmanagar Kailashahar road around 10 am on Monday.

Residents alleged that drinking water supply has been stopped for 10 days in Rajnagar area of ​​Ananda Bazar. As a result, there is an extreme shortage of drinking water in the area.

Even though the residents contacted the local leaders, nothing was done.

Residents complain that no one has come forward to solve the problem even from the office.

Finally, the local people decided to block the Dharmanagar- Kailasahar road. As a result of the long-term road blockade, traffic jam in both directions became extreme. Long lines of cars waited for a long time. Passenger suffering was extreme.

After receiving the information police and official of the local administration rushed to the spot.

It is known that the department will take an effective role in solving the problem very soon. Receiving this assurance, the local people lift the road blockade.

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