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Women’s Reservation Bill Another Jumla Of Modi Govt & BJP: AIDWA

The sudden passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Parliament is another jumla of Modi and the ruling BJP party. It is unlikely that this law will be implemented even in 2029 as it is said to be implemented after the census and re-arrangement of the seats of the Parliament.

Alleging this Tripura State Committee of the All India Democratic Women’s Association has called for a massive movement to demand immediate implementation of women’s reservation.

In a statement on Thursday, the women’s association said:

“The passage of the bill to reserve one-third seats for women in the parliament has created a multifaceted debate across the country. Progressive secular women’s societies, political parties and organizations with democratic spirit in the country have expressed the opinion that in 2024 another Modi Jumla (cheating) on the eve of the upcoming Lok Sabha general elections”

“Experience shows that for decades, women’s organizations have been organizing nationwide movements to pass this bill. Attempts have been made to raise the bill in the Parliament since 1996, but it was not possible to pass the bill due to various difficulties and obstacles. The bill was not passed due to low numbers. Since 2014, the NDA government has not taken any initiative to pass the bill despite its majority. Even though it was an election promise, the BJP government did not feel the need to bring up the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament for discussion. But in the last 9 years, the BJP-led NDA government passed many anti-public bills and continues to implement one after the other”.

“Minister Narendra Modi is scared because the opposition political parties of the country have united against the BJP and created the stage of ‘INDIA’ in order to prevent the ultimate destruction of the country. Therefore, he felt the need to convene a special session in the new parliament building to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill. The BJP party is thinking that it will get the sympathy of the women of the country, that is fine sand, because after the census and the delimitation of the seats in the parliament, the decision on the reservation of seats for women will be made and it is not sure whether it will be implemented in 2029”.

“BJP made such trick to come back in power in 2024 Lok Sabha election. The people of the country have no difficulty in understanding it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP made a flood of promises to woo the people in two consecutive elections since 2014”

“Passing the Women’s Reservation Bill was also one of those promises. So the women society of the country should not be confused by this kind of jumla of BJP”.

“The All India Democratic Women’s Association is appealing to all the women community of the state not to get confused by this jumla of BJP and organize a mass movement in the coming days demanding the implementation of the Women’s Reservation Bill”

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