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Work Culture: Tripura Minister Become Strange On Surprise Visit

Minister Sudhanshu Das become strange to bring back the work culture of the Fisheries Department.

Fisheries Minister Sudhanshu Das paid a sudden

visit in the office of the Deputy Director of Fisheries in Sepahijla district on Friday. He went to the office and found Deputy Director Khitish Debbarma was absent in the office.

Deputy Director Kshitish Devvarma came to the office about an hour after the scheduled time.

The minister witnessed that several workers appeared in the office after the scheduled time. A few workers are absent from the office.

Seeing this, Minister Sudhanshu Das expressed his displeasure. Minister Das gave a strong message to the office workers on this day.

He said the office workers to finish the day’s work regularly . It should be ensured that common people are not subjected to harassment.

The main reason behind this kind of surprise visit is that the minister has many complaints against the staff in the office. A handful of workers are damaging the culture by not working. 

So the minister has to go on a surprise visit. However, how useful this surprise visit will be in the coming days is the big issue now.

However, the work culture in government offices has reached rock bottom and does not wait to be mentioned. The public is not getting the facility at the right time despite coming to the office repeatedly.

From social media to roadside tea stalls, people are discussing their bitter experiences with each other.

 However, besides taking such surprise visits, it has become very important for the government to pay attention to those against whom there are widespread irregularities.

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