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Workers Are In Miserable Condition In BJP Era: CITU Tripura President

Former Minister and CITU Tripura State President Manik Dey strictly criticized government while addressing the organizational convention of Tripura Bricklayer Workers’ Union at CITU state office on Sunday.

Speaking in the convention Dey said:

“The government gives long speeches . But doing complete cheating. It is promoting that various items will be given through ration shop. And the people see the minister hanging his picture in newspapers and on street corners with advertisements worth Rs five lakh for five rupee masala. It’s become difficult to walk on the for the flex of propaganda”

“After 2018, in BJP era the common people of the state are not well. Prices of goods are increasing abnormally. People have no job. And people cannot build houses because of lack of work”. 

“People have no work. As a result, construction work has decreased. The brick kiln workers spent their days in a very miserable condition. Their drinking water, toilets, electricity services are not properly met. The Labor Department is silent. If necessary, the Labor Department is speaking for the interests of the owners”

“State’s health services and electricity services have been disrupted. The government has no initiative to recruit sufficient number of workers. Where five doctors are required, one doctor is have to do job 24 hours a day. In this way, this BJP government has brought people’s lives to the brink of destruction. And they have created an atmosphere of fear so that people cannot open their mouths about them”. 

“A movement should be built to come out from this situation”

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