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Workers Locked BDO Office In Manu Demanding Pending Wages In Puja Festival

REGA workers protested by hanging locks in the block office demanding payment of outstanding wages. After being locked for a long time, the REGA workers unlocked the block office after receiving the assurance of settling the due amount within two days. 

The incident took place at Manu R D Block of Longtari vally Subdivision under North Tripura district.

In the Manu RD block of Longtraivally sub-division, the REGA workers of various villages belonging to the Manu block did not get their wages for 17 days of work in the last month. This is the allegation of the workers. It was promised that money will be deposited in the account of every REGA worker before Puja. But still there is no trace of the money. 

The workers said that when they went to the panchayat office and inquired, the village secretary said that the BDO office knows everything, so the responsibility is absolved. Therefore, as soon as the Manu Block office was opened on the fifth day, REGA workers from various villages including Mainama, Jamirchhara, Dhumachhera started gathering. they locked the main gate of the RD block office at around 11 am. As a result, the block officer and other employees were locked in the office. 

According to them, coming to the puja bazaar is the only means of bringing a smile to their family’s face. But there is yet to get the pendings, So they joined the protest without getting any way. 

Hearing the news, police force along with administrative officias rushed to the spot. The workers were promised to pay the outstanding wages within two days after being locked out for a long time. 

Then the block office was unlocked. If the promise is not fulfilled the locals have warned of a larger movement.

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