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Working Class Are Suffering Under BJP Rule: Manik Dey In Rickshaw Workers’ 13th State Conference

Those who deceive people want respect again. Those who give something to the country through physical labor, do something for society, earn their own living, deserve their respect in the real sense. Capitalist management does not give that respect to real people.

The management of the country is weakening the rationing system. Ration prices are rising, content is being reduced, health care is also expensive and the price of medicines has gone up. The workers build the infrastructure of the country. But they are being deprived.

This was stated by State President Manik Dey while addressing the 13th State Conference of Tripura Rickshaw Workers Union at CITU office here on Thursday. When there is no work in the village. That’s when the poorest people from the villages go to the cities to find work.

Now nothing is happening in the country except the defeat of the people. Although he was talking about crores of rupees, he questioned how much money the workers got during Covid. He commented that this government is not a government of the poor.

Because the condition of the transport workers in the coveted situation. Despite assurances of financial assistance, so far they have received nothing but 5 kg of rice. So not the government of a poor, middle class and working class people. There was earlier cross subsidy in the case of electricity. He expressed concern that the government is now focusing on how to increase the electricity bill by lifting the subsidy.

Government property does not belong to the government. Government property is built on the blood and flesh of the people. The minister is its protector, not the eater. But the BJP government wants to sell everything. Meanwhile, the Trinamool Congress has come from outside the state and is talking about the state of Tripura. That means voting actually leads to friends.

If Manik Dey did not see the Trinamool Congress coming to the state in such a big way. Manik Dey called on the people to re-establish the Trinamool Congress and not make a mistake for 10 years.

CITU state leader Samar Chakraborty and other leaders were also present at the conference. After the conference, a new committee was taken up. Samar Chakraborty was elected as the chairman of the committee and Shankar Saha was elected as the secretary. A committee of 52 people was formed.

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