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Working Class Facing Economic Hardships. Double Engine Govt Failed: Tripura Mahila Congress

Tripura Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee has accused the state’s Double engine government of failing to fulfill promises made just ahead of the assembly elections.

The committee claims that despite assurances to raise the monthly wages of Asha workers and mid-day meal workers in the state by Rs.1,000, not a single rupee has been added even after 10 months.

As the festival season approaches, the Worker Class, according to Mahila Congress, had hopes of re- ceiving a bonus from the government to bring smiles to their families’ faces.

Tripura Mahila Congress argues that it is the government’s duty to provide this support. Furthermore, the rising prices of essential products have become a major concern for the general populace.

The Tripura Pradesh Mahila Congress has called for urgent action to resolve the issues faced by Asha workers and mid-day meal workers, as well as to provide a Puja Bonus.

The committee’s demands highlight the growing discontent regarding unfulfilled promises and economic hardships faced by the working class in the state.

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