Wrestlers’ Struggle Turning Into Anti-Govt Political Platform?

Jantar Mantar of New Delhi once the center of champion wrestlers’ struggle against sexual exploitation, is now turning into an anti-government political platform. 

In spite of this, the efforts of the ruling party are not being successful in calling the wrestlers a ‘toy’ in the hands of the opposition parties. 

At this point, the difference between the color of political struggle and electoral politics should be clarified. 

Political struggle means that since the accused of sexual abuse is the MP of the ruling party and he also seems to have got the protection of the power, then gradually the government and the ruling party coming on the target of the struggle is an inevitable phenomenon. 

The color of electoral politics would have been when this fight was seen to be driven by a particular party and such an impression was created that electoral equations were being created through this. 

But the reality is not like this. Congress leaders have reached the stage of wrestlers, Arvind Kejriwal also went there and addressed them. 

Meanwhile, the United Kisan Morcha has also announced its active support. Rakesh Tikait, who has become a prominent face of this front during the farmer’s movement, has announced to reach Jantar Mantar on Tuesday with his team. 

While people belonging to many Khaps of the Jat community have already come there. Now since the political card has not been played, an attempt has been made to convert this fight into Jat vs Rajput (since the accused belong to this caste). 

Political experts of Haryana have said that through this an attempt can be made to strengthen the Jat versus non-Jat alliance there. Which has been the basis of BJP’s political power in that state. 

Such divisive efforts were effective during the agitation against the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act. 

But these efforts did not get much success during the farmer’s movement. 

Now during the struggle of wrestlers it will be a matter of observation whether such divisive strategies are becoming ineffective now?

If this happens, it will be a matter of concern for the ruling party.

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