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Writ Petition Of ‘10,323’ Teachers: Tripura High Court Constitutes Full Bench To Hear

Chief Justice of High Court Aparesh Kumar Sinha has constituted a full bench to hear and dispose of the important writ petition number WP(C) 893 related to retrenchment of the 10,323 teachers on September 26 at 10-30 am.

Apart from this, the Chief Justice has ordered live streaming of the entire proceedings of the full bench on the official YouTube channel of the High Court.

A notification in this regard is issued by High Court Registrar (Judicial) Mau Banerjee.

It is noteworthy that in the notification, learned counsel for both the parties, Amrit Lal Saha, counsel for the illegally retrenched teachers, and Advocate General Siddharth Shankar Dey for the government or Government counsel Debalaya Bhattacharjee have been requested not to seek any adjournment.

Counsel for both the parties have also been requested to submit written notes, if any, and exchange copies thereof three days before the day of hearing.

The hearing in the full bench, which is being eagerly awaited by the retrenched teachers, is an outcome of the previous hearing of the same writ petition WP (C) 893/2022 last month, in which a division bench of Justice Amarnath had collectively recommended the termination of the The verdict was given.

The teachers have termed the official communication in this regard as irregular, in violation of existing laws and the Constitution, which makes it mandatory for the appointing authority to issue a personal notice to the individual teacher or employee in the event of dismissal from service.

However, Justice Arindam Lodh, who was part of the division bench, differed on the issue on the grounds that the matter had long been settled by the Supreme Court and recommended that the case be heard by a larger or special bench. Which should be constituted by. chief Justice.

Now that the Chief Justice has constituted a full bench, the 10,323 illegally retrenched teachers are hoping for the best, reposing faith in the wisdom, impartiality and compassion of the judiciary.

Of the teachers sacked since April 1, 2020, following illegal dismissals, 160 have already died and more than thirty of them have committed suicide.

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