“You Are Playing With Fire” Supreme Court To Punjab Governor

Regarding the deadlock between the Punjab government and the Governor, the Supreme Court said that we are not happy with what is happening in Punjab, it is a matter of serious concern.

Hearing on this issue is going on in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court expressed its displeasure at the Punjab Governor for not approving the bills passed by the Assembly and said, “You are playing with fire. Our country is running on established traditions and it should be followed.” 

Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, appearing for the Punjab government in the Supreme Court, said that it is almost impossible to call a session of the Assembly during the current Governor’s tenure.

The Chief Justice asked the counsel for the Punjab Governor that even if a session of the Assembly is declared illegal, how will a bill passed by the House become illegal?

The debate took place in the Supreme Court like this…
– Does the Governor have the slightest idea that he is playing with fire? 
– Even if the Governor feels that the bill has been passed wrongly, he should send it back to the Speaker of the Assembly.
– If the Governor continues to declare the bill illegal in this manner, will the country survive as a parliamentary democracy?
– The Supreme Court said that the Governor is the constitutional head of the state, but looking at the situation in Punjab, it seems that there is a big difference of opinion between the government and him, which is not good for democracy.

 The Supreme Court asked the Governor’s lawyer that you cannot keep a bill indefinitely? 
– Singhvi said on behalf of the Punjab government that the Governor is taking revenge on the pretext of stopping the bill.
Expressing his displeasure, the Chief Justice said that after all it is written in the Constitution that the Governor can declare the assembly session called by the Speaker illegal.
– The Chief Justice said that I have two letters written by the Governor in front of me, in which he told the government that since the Assembly session itself is valid, he cannot give his approval to the bill.
– The Governor said that he has been taking legal advice on this dispute, we have to follow the law only.
During the hearing, it was said on behalf of the Central Government that the Governor’s letter cannot be the final decision. The central government is finding a way to resolve this dispute

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