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You Killed Bharat Mata In Manipur: Rahul Gandhi Hits PM

On Wednesday (August 9, 2023) on the second day’s discussion on the opposition’s no-confidence motion against the central government, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi fiercely attacked the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

He has besieged the Center regarding Manipur, Nuh violence and Gautam Adani issue.

After the restoration of the membership of the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi delivered the first speech on Wednesday. 

Here the highlights of his speech

Rahul Gandhi said, ‘My speech is not going to be on Adani. Rumi had said, the words that come from the heart, those words go to the heart. Today I want to speak from my heart and not from my mind. Talking about Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘The thing I loved, for which I am ready to die. For whom I abused, I want to know the one who held my heart so tightly, I wanted to understand him.

Rahul Gandhi said, ‘I asked whether the insurance money was received and the farmer held his hand and said that he did not get it. Big industrialists of India snatched that from me. This time a very strange thing happened. When I saw the farmer and he was speaking to me, the pain in his heart came to my heart. The shame in his eyes while talking to his wife came in mine, I understood his hunger and then the journey changed.

Talking on Manipur, the Congress MP said, ‘When we go beyond dreams, then we hear the voice of India. India is one voice, India is the voice of all the people of this country and if we want to listen to that, then hatred has to be forgotten. A few days ago I went to Manipur, but the Prime Minister did not go till date because Manipur is not Hindustan for him.

On the issue of Manipur, Rahul Gandhi fiercely attacked the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said, ‘Hindustan ko Manipur me mara hai, uska katal kiya, marder kiya. Bharat Mata is murdered in Manipur. You killed Mother India by killing the people of Manipur, you are a traitor, you are not a patriot. That’s why your Prime Minister does not go to Manipur. Now you are doing it in Haryana, you are busy burning the whole country. He said that Prime Minister Modi listens to only two people.

Rahul Gandhi said, ‘You are not the protector of Mother India. You are the killer of Mother India. You are a traitor. One my mother is sitting here. Another mother has been killed in Manipur.

He said that if the Indian Army wishes, it can restore peace in Manipur in a day. The government does not want peace in Manipur. PM Modi does not listen to the voice of the country.

Rahul Gandhi said that BJP’s politics has killed India in Manipur. You are anti-national, anti-national, you have killed Mother India. You are not the protector of Mother India, you are the killer of Mother India.

On August 7, after 136 days, Rahul Gandhi returned to the Lok Sabha. 

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha reinstated his parliament membership, which had gone after his conviction in the Modi surname case.

 A no-confidence motion against the Modi government was brought by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi. 

The opposition is continuously engaged in besieging the central government on the Manipur violence issue and seeking the statement of Prime Minister. Angry about this, the opposition has brought a no-confidence motion to attack the government.

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