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Youngest Freedom Fighter Khudiram Bose Remembered On His Birth Anniversary

Along with the nation Tripura also remembered great revolutionary, freedom fighter and martyr Khudiram Bose on his 132nd birth anniversary, Thursday. DSO and Sahid Khudiram Smriti Rakka Committee separately paid tribute to the youngest freedom fighter-martyr of the Nation. Born on this day in 1889, Khudiram Bose, a young political activist from Bengal, was not only one of the most prominent figures in India’s fight for freedom from British rule, but also the youngest revolutionary that the Indian independence movement had witnessed. He led a life of risk and adventure, never for once flinching from his goal of acquiring freedom for his country. Apart from possessing the spirit of a fighter, Khudiram was also known for his leadership qualities and his services to the society. However, the revolutionary died an unfortunate early death, leaving India bereft of one of the greatest freedom strugglers that the country had ever seen.Khudiram was all of 18 years of age when he was sentenced to death for attacking and killing three Britishers in Muzaffarpur, Bihar in 1908. 100 years later, Bose remains relatively unknown in spite of being one the youngest revolutionaries of the Indian freedom struggle. While Bose’s story of sacrifice and love for his motherland is a popular folklore in Bengal, his story remains unknown outside the state- just like several other matyrs who may have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India but went unnoticed in the larger story of freedom struggle. A student of Midnapore Collegiate School, 16 year old Bose was heavily influenced and inspired by Aurobindo Ghosh, a veteran freedom fighter and later known as spiritual leader Sri Aurobindo. As a student, Bose was known to act as a messenger for secret revolutionary groups in Midnapore region. Bose was the first martyr of the early twentieth century.  Over the years, Khudiram Bose and his journey has been represented in multiple films.

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