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Youths Are Being Pushed Into Drug Addiction In A Planned Manner In Tripura: Manik Sarkar

“The youths are being pushed into drug addiction in a deliberate, planned manner in the state” Former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar expressed this opinion on Saturday.

While addressing the birth centenary celebrations of late freedom fighter Sukhbindu (Kanu) Sengupta at the Agartala Press Club on this day, Manik Sarkar slammed the BJP led coalition government for increasing drug addiction in the state.

He said, liquor shops are being kept open till 11 pm. Government giving License of new liquor shops. Think this is drug-free Tripura!

Manik Sarkar said the school is closing. There is no doctor in the hospital. No medicine. No work in REGA. Ex gratia not given to contractual workers. The state government has no idea about this. The government is busy with where to give license liquor shops.

He said that the main aim of the rightist government is to push the students and youths towards drug addiction. If the youth is immersed in drugs, if they are inclined towards deviance, the situation will not be created to think about the problems of public life.

“People who believe in leftist ideology should come forward to keep the youth away from the path of misguidance” said Sarkar.

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