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46% of Cyber Crimes in India Are Stems From South East Asia: Report

Many Southeast Asian countries have become a stronghold of cyber crime these days. International organized crime gangs are formed in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and some other Southeast Asian countries. 

These crime gangs are carrying out cyber crimes like financial fraud, digital arrests, ATM scams in India. Rajesh Kumar, CEO of the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center, said that the Ministry of Home Affairs has constituted a committee under the chairmanship of a top security official to stop organized crime and cyber crime. 

This committee constituted by the Home Ministry includes Special Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Reserve Bank of India, Department of Financial Services, Banks, Financial Intelligence Unit, Department of Telecommunications and officials related to the financial technology sector. 

46 percent of cyber crimes and financial frauds happening in the country are stems from South East Asian countries. Rajesh Kumar said that a large amount of money has been lost through cyber crime organizing from South East Asian countries. 

This is the reason why the central government has formed a special committee. To crack down on cyber crime, the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center is constantly monitoring cyber crime infrastructure like Skype accounts, advertisements on Google and Meta, SMS headers, SIM cards, bank accounts etc. 

Due to which 3.25 lakh "mule" accounts (bank accounts used to legalize cyber crime funds using KYC documents of others) have been frozen in the last four months.

More than Rs 7,000 crore looted from cyber crime in the last few months, along with more than 3,000 URLs and 595 mobile phone apps have been blocked since July last year. 5.3 lakh SIM cards and 80,848 IMEI numbers have been suspended and 3,401 illegal content has been removed from various social media platforms, websites and WhatsApp groups in the last two months. 

Kumar said, these also include 1,500 Skype IDs which are being removed. The official said, 'We have seen that cyber crimes from this (South East Asian) region are being done through investment, gaming and dating apps and fake trading apps etc.'

 Rajesh Kumar, CEO of Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center, said that the total amount lost in cyber crimes in the country in the last few months is Rs 7,061 crore. Between January and April alone, 4599 cases of digital arrest have been registered in the country. 

During the same period, 20,043 complaints of trading scams, 62,687 of investment scams and 1,725 ​​of dating scams have been registered in the country.