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The Tripurapost may change this policy at any time. Therefore, readers are requested to read the Last Updated date at the top of the page on which the Cookies Policy was last modified. Any change in the policy will come into effect immediately as soon as the amendment is made. If we make any changes to this Cookies Policy, we will notify you via the email address you provided us or by placing a prominent notice on our website. Your continued use of the Service following the posting of any amendments to the Cookies Policy on this page will constitute your acceptance of the amendments and your agreement to follow and be bound by the revised Cookies Policy.

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1. What are Cookies?
A cookie is a small file stored on a user's computer, designed to collect specific data about a user and these data files can be accessed by such website's web server or the user's computer. Like other websites, uses cookies to retain user preferences and assist the server in delivering content tailored to the user's system that matches the user's preferences. For example, cookies help recognize users such as the news they have last read, so we can deliver content on the site according to individual reading patterns. Cookies are always collected using encryption on TPP and not as plain text.

Cookies stored on a user's computer can only be read and accessed by the website and not by any other websites or users.

We place and use cookies on your computer. These cookies are known as “first party cookies”. Cookies may also be placed by some of our third party vendors and are known as “Third Party Cookies”. These may be accessed by third party vendors. “Third Party Cookies” are also known as “Session Cookies”. are described as cookies, which means they are temporary cookies that are stored only on the user's device. When visiting our site, other cookies are "persistent cookies" which are stored on the user's device for a certain period of time after you leave the website from your previous visit.

Users are free to choose whether they want to accept cookies from the Site or they can go to the browser's settings and disable them, but if a User disables cookies the user's experience on the Site may be reduced. And this may result in some features not working the way they're supposed to.

2. What is cookie and why is it used?
Each cookie stored on a user's computer contains a small table of data, such as (key, data) (last read story, story category, story geo scope). Once the data has been read by the server, server code, or user computer, the data can be retrieved and served appropriately to the user with optimized data.

Cookies technology is used by thetripurapost .com to make the website easier for users to use. The purpose of cookies is to provide relevant information to the user for a better and better experience.

3. What cookies do we use?
Below are the types of cookies we use while you are using the Site.

Any personal information collected through first party cookies is in compliance with our Privacy Policy and this Cookie Policy. Personal information collected through a “Third Party Cookie” is subject to that third party's privacy policy, and not Company's privacy policy.

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies enable you to navigate the Site and use the services/content provided by the Website in the best possible way. With these essential cookies disabled, you may not be able to use the website to its full functionality and it may also affect the smooth functioning of the site. With cookies disabled, the Site may not be able to provide all services and features in their intended specifications.

Preference Cookies

Preference cookies are used to collect information about user preferences and preferences, and allow us to target site functions in a similar manner. Preference cookies help the server remember local settings that help customize the site according to the user.

Social Media Cookies

Social media cookies enable users to share interesting pages and content on the Site through any third party networking site or any other website. These particular cookies are used for advertising purposes when you visit the Website. Can also be done.

Analytics Cookies

Analytics cookies are used to collect information about user use of the site and also enable us to improve the functionality of the site. For example, these cookies help us to know which pages are the most frequently visited on the site, help us to record any difficulty/unused pages on the site and also show us Whether our advertisement is effective or not.

Analytics cookies show us how users use the Site as a whole, showing the usage patterns of all users rather than an individual one. Our team uses this information to analyze overall traffic to the site, but we do not personally examine the information.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies are used to show you targeted promotions or advertisements based on your interests and browsing patterns on the Site or to manage the advertising being shown to you. The job of these cookies is to provide you with the most relevant advertising and to collect information about your activities on other websites.

What are the different third party cookies used on our website?

The following types of cookies are used on our website listed below

names of cookies    Function
facebook connect    Facebook Connect provides TTP a single sign-on application that helps users connect on other websites through their Facebook account. 

google analytics    TTP, Google, Inc. Uses Google Analytics, provided by Google Analytics,
which enables us to effectively evaluate the use of its services and user use of the Site. Further information: Google Analytics Privacy Policy
Double Click Publishers    Google, Inc. 

Cookie installed by TTP helps in growing the site in terms of revenue and also helps in revenue management. Further information: DoubleClick Publishers Privacy Policy
ad sans    Google, Inc. Ad Sense provided by AdSense helps in monitoring the display of advertisements on the site and improves the performance of the site.

 AdSense privacy policy
facebook audience network    Facebook Audience Network used in helps in better engagement with the user, showing targeted and optimized ads. 

The uses this information to help improve the overall experience of the services it provides to its users.

 Google is used by TTP to collect user mobile data to effectively evaluate app crashes and usage of app services. Further information: Firebase

4. How can a user manage cookies?

To opt out of cookies you can change the cookie settings in your browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies as the default option, but users always have the option to customize their browser according to their needs and wishes, where the user can refuse all cookies coming from any website. You can use the settings to do this. But limiting cookies may result in reduced functionality of the Website and users will be required to accept cookies if they wish to access the full functionality of the Website.

Here is information about the process to follow to enable or disable cookies:
Safari Mobile (iPhone and iPad)
Microsoft Edge

Click here to delete your cookies

? ?For any further information about the cookies used with Cookies, you can refer to
. Please note: If cookies are disabled, not all features of the Site may operate properly.

Follow the instructions to opt out of Google Analytics data:

Please note that opting out of Google Analytics will not mean that you will no longer be served any ads. You will still receive advertising from participating companies and other types of online advertising from non-participating companies even after you opt out, and the sites you visit will still collect information for other purposes.