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70% Students of 125 Vidyajyoti Schools Failed in CBSE Board Exams in Tripura

Near about 70% students of the Vidyajyoti Schools of Tripura unable to obtain even the qualifying marks in the board exams conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE. 

Naturally questions have been raising about the Vidyajyoti scheme of the state government. Even why 125 government schools without minimum infrastructure were brought under the Vidyajyoti scheme overnight, this question also raising by the guardians.

However, there is also allegation that due to the state government's education department, the future of thousands of students has become uncertain.

But still the state government and education department become a silent spectator. 

And because of this stubborn decision of the state government, English and Bengali medium schools run by Tripura Board of Secondary Education turned into Vidya Jyoti in the current academic year, most of the students of these 125  schools have failed in the 10th and 12th examinations conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Allegedly, about 70 percent of the students could not pass the exam. Out of these 125 Vidyajyoti schools, 88 schools are Bengali medium schools by birth. 

On the other hand, from 2026, the students of the state will have to face secondary and higher secondary exams in English language in Bengali schools approved by CBSE under Vidyajyoti scheme. State Education Department has taken over this decision.

According to the Education Department, most of the schools that were brought under the Vidyajyoti scheme overnight were Bengali medium schools. These schools did not have minimum infrastructure. Even the teachers were not given adequate training by the government. 

As a result students and teachers had no idea about CBSE syllabus. As a result the syllabus was not completed. On the contrary, for the past one year these schools have been teaching only the syllabus of the Tripura Board of Secondary Education TBSE. And there was a shortage of teachers. In the end this is the frustrating result of the students in class 10th and 12th exams.

According to the report the officials of the education department started investigation over the results of the Vidyajyoti School. Because in the published results of class 10, it was seen that 31 out of 179 candidates failed in the capital's Maharani Tulsibati ​​Girls' HS School. 10 students failed in Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy School.

14 students failed in Shishu Bihar School. 9 in Mohanpur 12th standard school, 38 in Teliamura Higher Secondary School, 21 in Gandachara 12th Standard School, 30 in Bhagini Nivedita 12th Standard School, 38 in Raishyabari English Medium School, 9 in Srinagar Higher Secondary School, 16 in Boxanagar Higher Secondary Scool, 7 in Barapathri Higher Secondary.

7 students failed in BKI Bilonia School, 10 students failed in Kavi Nazrul Vidyabhaban.

The same result is in the twelfth results. 30 students failed in Shishu Bihar School. 27 failed in Tulsibati ​​Girls School, 23 in Srinagar High School, 20 in Barapathari School, 52 in Kabi Nazrul Vidya Bhaban, 47 in Boxanagar School, 48 in Teliamura High School, 54 in Mohanpur 12th  School, 62 in Bhagini Nivedita 12th  School, 37 in Manubankul High School, 38 in BKI Bilonia School. , Raishyabari English Medium School's 61 students, Dolu Gaon 12th Class School's 47 students failed in 12th board exams 2024 conducted by CBSE.

These results shows that nearly 85 percent of students in these 125 schools passed the Class 10th and 12th results while they wrre under the Tripura Board of Secondary Education. Even many schools had 100 percent pass record. 

And now almost 70 percent students could not pass the exam due to Vidyajyoti project.