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90 Countries to Participate in Ukraine Peace Summit. Russia to Skip

"Nearly 90 countries and organizations have confirmed their participation in Ukraine peace summit being hosted by Switzerland over the weekend amid the more than two-year-long Russia-Ukraine war, while Moscow has refused to attend" Swiss President Viola Amhard said reporters on Monday.

The conference is being held despite Russia's refusal to attend the conference, with more than half of the countries participating in it being from Europe.

Amherd said in the Swiss capital that the summit, held on Saturday and Sunday, nearly 28 months after Russia launched its assault on Ukraine, aims to pave the way for a possible peace.

"This is not propaganda. It is about the issue of humanitarian aid being provided by Switzerland and about holding talks first," he said.

Swiss officials said Brazil and China had said they would not participate unless the two sides, including Russia, came to the negotiating table.

Switzerland's foreign minister said reporters that his country has repeatedly said that the peace process cannot happen without Russia.

He also said that Switzerland is in constant contact with Russian authorities about the conference.