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Above 2000 Buried in Landslide: India Announces US$ 1 Million Assistance to Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed grief over the massive landslide in Papua New Guinea that left over 2,000 people buried and thousands affected after a mountain collapse in the Northern Territory.

"Deeply saddened by the loss of life and damage to property caused by the devastating landslide in Papua New Guinea. Our heartfelt condolences to the affected families and prayers for the speedy recovery of the injured," PM Modi said in an x ​​post. 

He said India stands ready to extend all possible support and assistance.

Along with this, the Government of India has given immediate relief assistance of US $ 1 million to the affected government. 

In a statement India Government said, "As a close friend and partner under the Framework for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) and as a sign of solidarity with the friendly people of Papua New Guinea, the Government of India provides immediate relief assistance of US $ 1 million to support relief."

Thousands of residents are ordered to evacuate the path of the still active landslide on Tuesday. Relief teams have been slowly arriving in the remote northern Enga region since Friday, though officials said chances of finding survivors are minimum. 

Residents are using shovels and hands to search for survivors. Enga provincial administrator Sandis Tsaka said the disaster could get worse. 

"The tragedy is still active. Every hour you can hear the sound of rocks breaking - it's like a bomb or a gunshot and the rocks keep coming down," he said to media.