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Agartala: CITU Stages Protest Against 'Anti Labour' Policy of BJP Govt

Demonstration staged by the CITU Tripura unit on 12-point demand and against the 'anti-worker policy of the BJP government' at the center and state across the country. 

CITU organized a protest rally in Agartala as part of the nationwide program. The rally started from the head office of the CITU at Office Lane in the capital Agartala.

CITU Tripura State Committee President Manik Dey and others were present there. CITU state committee president Manik Dey raised a finger against the government and said that the BJP-led government has been established without getting  majority. The main reason behind this  is that the people of the country have given a clear verdict against the policies of the BJP. Still they are trying to implement anti-labour policies by the government. 

"One of these decisions is that the government is implementing the labor code. workers are being made to work for 12 to 13 hours instead of 8 hours a day. And by stealing their labor the owners are paying only 7 to 8 thousand rupees. But the law requires equal pay for workers. No one's salary can be given below Rs 26 thousand . And the workers who were deprived due to the negligence of the government till the EPF system for the workers. Because the money deposited by the workers was given through EPF" he said.

"Now the employers are embezzling that money. This government has reduced the rate of punishment so that if there is a case on this matter, there will be no harsh punishment. On the other hand, no one including ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers, outsourcing workers, SPOs, pump operators are getting paid on time" said Dey.

Protests are being raised over the government employees being brought under the new pension scheme. "Because after the establishment of the government in 2018, the new pension scheme has been implemented since July. It is being demanded to be withdrawn. Corruption is there throughout the country. No action is being taken against it. Robbery is going on day in and day out in the state of Tripura" Dey said.

For example, he said that there is corruption in the state starting from Panchayat. At the same time he alleged about the practice of outsourcing. Besides, Manik Dey protested about handing over various ports, national highways, airports to private companies. He said, today's protest program shows that the government will not be able to continue the way it has been for the past 10 years. Today the government is being alerted by this nationwide movement. A rally will be held in Delhi next, calling for a nationwide strike if the government is not reformed. 

He said that the final decision will be taken in the general meeting of CITU in Kolkata next August