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Agartala: CPIM Placed Deputation Demanding Job, Food, Water, Electricity

CPIM placed a deputation to West Tripura District Magistrate Dr. Vishal Kumar on Saturday. The delegation handed over a memorandum to the District Magistrate. CPIM West Tripura Secretary Ratan Das said, there is no REGA  work for the last four to five months.

"People are in dire straits. Therefore, it has been demanded to arrange the work of REGA for the interest of the workers. On the other hand, there is lack of employment for the unemployed. The government is not making any provision for employment. Besides, there is an extreme shortage of drinking water. Farmers are unable to produce crops due to lack of irrigation water. On the other hand, people are in a bad situation due to the problem of electricity" said Das. 

"Every day the roads are blocked due to power outages. Besides, the roads are broken. Therefore, the road has been demanded to be renovated. People are constantly taking to the streets with these problems" he added.