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AI Will Take Over All The Work. To Harm Children: Elon Musk

Nowadays AI is being discussed in everything. Elon Musk has described it as his biggest fear. He has said that perhaps none of us will have a job in the future due to AI. 

Elon Musk was speaking at VivaTech 2024 in Paris, where he warned and said that he is unsure whether life will have any meaning if AI takes over all the work. 

While making a prediction about AI, Elon Musk also warned parents about how it can harm children.

He was speaking via webcam at VivaTech 2024. The Tesla CEO said that perhaps no one would have a job. Musk said, 'If you want to do a job that is like a hobby, you can do it.' But in the future, AI and robots will provide all the facilities that you would like to do. 

He said that Universal High Income (UHI) is needed to make this scenario work. UHI is a concept that imagines a society where AI reduces the cost of human labor which will make basic needs affordable for everyone.

UHI should not be confused with Universal Basic Income, in which the government gives a certain amount of money to everyone, regardless of their income. 

Elon Musk talks about the future of AI, saying, 'There will be no shortage of goods and services.' AI has made rapid progress in the past few years, leaving researchers and regulators struggling to keep up. However, researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab found in January that AI in the workplace is being adopted at a slower pace than previously believed.

According to CNN, experts believe that AI will take over some jobs that require a high level of emotional intelligence, such as mental health professionals, teachers and creative fields. Despite being confident about AI's role in the future, Musk called technology his biggest fear. 

Musk said at the conference that he plans to possibly send people to Mars within 10 years. But he said that his biggest hope is Mars and his biggest fear is AI.