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America-Saudi Arabia Moving Towards Historic Agreement

America and Saudi Arabia are moving towards a historic agreement. With this agreement, while Saudi Arabia will get security guarantee from America, it will also pave the way for the civil nuclear energy industry. 

Apart from this, America will help Saudi Arabia in AI and other emerging technologies. In return, Israel will be offered a proposal to normalize its relations with Saudi Arabia by accepting a separate state of Palestine. 

If Israel accepts this then this 76 year old conflict will end. This agreement was almost agreed upon before the October 7 attack on Israel, but it was shelved after the Hamas attack.

However, the Netanyahu government is not yet agreeing to a separate Palestine country and that is why America and Saudi Arabia are working on Plan B.

According to the report of the Guardian, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has arrived on a visit to Saudi Arabia where he had a long meeting with the Foreign Minister of the Islamic country. It is being told that in view of Israel's tough stance, Saudi Arabia has given this Plan B to America. Saudi Arabia said that the aspect of agreement with Israel should be kept out of this deal with America.

Experts on Arab affairs say that Saudi Arabia does not want the defense deal between Saudi Arabia and America to get stuck because of the Netanyahu government. 

At the same time, America also seems to be moving forward on this deal.

Actually, the influence of China and Russia is increasing a lot in Saudi Arabia. China has recently brokered a peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia. 

At the same time, Russia has also significantly increased trade relations with Saudi Arabia. In such a situation, America does not want to lose Saudi Arabia, which has been its biggest ally in the Middle East for decades. 

However, Blinken has still insisted on normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. He also talked about the progress of the Palestinian country.

According to the Bloomberg report, there have been a lot of discussions regarding this between America and Saudi Arabia in recent times. 

Analysts say that there are still many obstacles in this agreement but it can change the map of the entire Middle East. This will not only increase the security of Israel and Saudi Arabia but will also strengthen America's dominance in the region. That too when Iran is continuously adopting an aggressive stance and American threats are not having any effecIsraelt.

If the US gets the approval of the Senate, then the way for Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, to acquire advanced lethal weapons will be cleared.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia had agreed to minimize the use of Chinese technology from America. Once the agreement is agreed upon between the US and Saudi Arabia, it will be presented to Israel. If Israel accepts it, Saudi Arabia will recognize it but in return Netanyahu will have to recognize Palestine. If Israel does not accept it then it will be out of the deal.