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America Warns China For Increasing it's Cooperation With Russia

A top US defense official has warned his Chinese counterpart about China's increasing cooperation with Russia. Actually, Chinese President Xi Jinping had met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Both the countries had also resolved to strengthen relations between themselves. Let us tell you that Putin was on a two-day official visit to China to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of relations between Moscow and Beijing, during which he and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping pledged a 'new era' of partnership.

US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Eli Ratner spoke via video teleconferencing on Friday with China's Maj Gen Li Bin, director of the Central Military Commission Office for International Military Cooperation. 

During this, Ratner discussed relations between Russia and North Korea as well as 'serious concerns over China's support for Russia's defense industrial base'. 

The US Assistant Secretary of Defense also reiterated that the United States is committed to the 'One China' policy. 

The American official also talked to his Chinese counterpart about the increasing tension between China and the Philippines near the coast of the South China Sea. 

Now, China has criticized America for 'military collusion' with Taiwan.

According to the Beijing-headquartered Global Times, military collusion between the US and Taiwan as well as separatist acts of Taiwan Independence Forces are the main sources of current stability disruption in the Taiwan Strait. China will take firm and decisive countermeasures against any 'Taiwan independence' separatist activities and foreign collusion and support, the spokesperson said.