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Biplab Deb Is The Version of Santosh Mohan Dev: Tripura CPIM

CPIM State Secretary and Leader of Opposition Jitendra Choudhury gave  response to the comments of BJP West Tripura candidate Biplab Kumar Deb at the CPIM state office on Wednesday.

Speaking in a press conference Choudhury mentioned:

Those who are initiated by the RSS become fanatics of violence, parochialism and blindness. They have a Whatsapp University. A worthy man of that Whatsapp University is Biplab Kumar Dev. And that university qualified Biplap had to resign after four years as Chief Minister of Tripura.

Because he involved people with political terror and drugs. But when the central leadership realized that in order to win the two seats in Tripura, not only Pradyot Kishore Debbarman's hand, but also to bring back the Bike Gang - that is why the BJP high command removed Biplab Kumar Deb. And now he is trying to confuse the people with the Communist Manifesto by being a person worthy of Whatapp University. 

Notably on Tuesday, candidate Biplap Kumar Deb had said in a press conference that the CPIM's election manifesto mentions denuclearization of India. There is also mention of winding down the country's army. Biplab Kumar Deb commented that it is a sign of treason. 

In this context, Jitendra Choudhury also said that by doing this, Biplab Kumar Deb is trying to sacrifice dignity, decency and integrity in the vocabulary of the Bharatiya Janata Party. BJP's culture of stealing votes by any means and deceiving people to get votes. 

He also said that after 35 to 40 years Santosh Mohan Dev's version arrived as Biplab Kumar Deb. Biplab Kumar Deb has created a bike army and a helmet army to break the offices of opposition parties, and numerous BJP party offices have stood up. And the most significant thing is that if Tipra Motha had not committed betrayal in 2023 assembly elections, BJP would have disappeared from the soil of Tripura today. BJP party has learned a little from this. Even then, they do not have the mentality to lead the country in a good direction. 

Therefore, Jitendra Chowdhury expressed the opinion that the people of West Tripura constituency will reject Biplab Kumar Deb, a qualified candidate of WhatsApp University, in the upcoming elections.