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China Provided Weapons to Palestinian Terrorist to Attack Israel: US Official

China's face has been exposed in the case of supporting Hamas terrorists in Gaza. During the campaign against Hamas, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have found evidence in Gaza, which suggests that China had provided weapons to the Palestinian terrorist organization to attack Israel. 

The IDF found large quantities of Chinese weapons, ammunition, military grade communications and other intelligence gathering equipment in Hamas warehouses in Gaza. 

Sunday Guardian has given this information in its report quoting a former American military officer. 

According to reports, the IDF has captured at least two tunnel engineers from China's People's Liberation Army (PLA). 

This shows that China has helped Hamas in building a huge network of tunnels under Gaza.

The report also says that PLA is providing military training to Hamas. In fact, Mohammad Daef, the head of the military wing of Hamas, who was plotting an attack on Israel, has lived in China for years. 

It still has deep ties with the PLA and the Communist Party of China (CCP). It is said that Daef's two wives are Chinese Muslims. 

US Air Force foreign field officer Gurmantes Lalari 'G-Man' has revealed this. Lalari said China should be held accountable for its support to various terrorist groups, including Hamas.
Lailari says there is enough evidence to take China to the International Court of Justice for supporting terrorism, despite China's denial of helping Hamas. 

He said that it was not Iran but China, which gave the green signal to Hamas to attack Israel. 

Lailari, visiting research fellow at Taiwan's Institute for National Defense and Security Research, came to India last week. He said Israeli forces have found a large number of Chinese weapons, intelligence gathering equipment and other military supplies in Gaza.

Lailari reported that Hamas warehouses contained Chinese QBZ assault rifles, QLZ87 automatic grenade launchers, binoculars for rifles, high-level communications equipment and sophisticated explosives. 

The IDF has also found Chinese rocket technology in a Hamas lab. Lalari says that it is possible that China may have adopted Iran's path to send weapons to Hamas to avoid allegations of its own involvement.

Lailari pointed out that Hamas had been preparing to attack Israel since 2020. Hamas conducted four military exercises with 10 other terrorist groups in preparation for the October 7, 2023 attacks. 

Three of these exercises were conducted on 29 December 2020, 26 December 2021 and 28 December 2022. The fourth exercise was conducted on 12 September 2023.

Lalari says the US was working to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia by taking forward the Abraham Accords. 

China was scared of this because it was growing closer to Saudi Arabia. Beijing feared that if relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia had been restored, the two major powers in the Middle East would have sided with the US, thereby limiting China's influence. Lailari pointed out that China also did not like the announcement of the India-Middle East-Europe Corridor launched by India during the G-20 summit held in New Delhi. 

Lailari says that China was desperate and wanted to do something to stop this. Both Israeli-Saudi relations and the corridor have been suspended since the October 7, 2023 attack.