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Club Secretary Murder Case: One of The Prime Accused Brought Back in Agartala From WB

One of the prime accused in Club Secretary murder case in Agartala, Rakesh Barman has been brought to Agartala. 

He was brought from Kolkata on Monday evening flight. As soon as the police came out of the Agartala airport with the arrested Rakesh, people started abusing him.

On April 30, Durgaprasanna Deb alias Vicky, the secretary of Bharatratna Sangha of Ushabazar, under Airport Police Station in Agartala was shot dead three times in a row in point blank range. 

The main accused of this sensational murder is Raju Burman of that area. His brother Rakesh Burman was nabbed in Raiganj, West Bengal on Saturday. 

He was brought to Agartala on transit remand on Monday. He is named in the FIR in the Vicky murder case. 

Among the accused named in the FIR, Rakesh is the first to be arrested. Former  president of Bharat Ratna Sangh Pradyot Dhar Chowdhury, Sushmita Sarkar who was in a romantic relationship with the deceased Vicky, Birchakra Ghosh, brother of club's previous  secretary Prabhakar Ghosh, brother-in-law of main accused Raju Burman Sunny Saha Roy, accused of shooting Vicky, alias Sandip Kar have been arrested in connection with Vicky's murder.

Shooter Akash was also picked up by the police from outside the state. He was arrested from Pakur railway station in Jharkhand.

Rakesh Burman, who was arrested from Raiganj in West Bengal on Saturday, was in the vicinity of the scene when Vicky was shot dead in Hatipara of Shalbagan, police said. 

The investigation revealed that Rakesh executed the plan to kill Vicky on the advice of Brother Raju, the prime accused in the case. 

He fled to Calcutta by plane the day after the murder.

A team of state police went to West Bengal to fetch him. He was brought in Agartala by air from Kolkata on Monday. 

Meanwhile, four of the previous six accused in Vicky's murder were produced again in court on Monday. Government side has sought police remand of Sandeepan Kar alias Akash for six more days and Uma Sarkar for three more days. A request has been made to send the accused Birchakra Ghosh and Sunny Saharay to jail.

Common people feel that the investigation of this sensational murder case in the capital is not being done as fast as it should have been. 

According to the police sources, many big names are also involved in Vicky's murder. As a result, the investigation has to be done carefully and side by side. 

The murder was a result of a clash between two mafia groups to take over the negotiation business worth crores of rupees of CPWD. 

It is alleged that many top political leaders are also involved in collecting honey from the negotiation business.