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Club Secretary Shot Dead in Agartala. Family Alleged Against Other Members of The Club

The incident of open firing and murdee in the city Agartala has erupted panic among the commin residents, on the other side also raising many questions on Law & Order. 

Durga Prasanna Deb alias Vicky, the current General Secretary of Bharat Ratna Sangh, which is an aristocrate Club at Usha Bazar in the capital Agartala was shot by miscreants on Tuesday evening. 

The incident took place in Shalbagan area. He was shot in the head. He was rushed to the ILS hospital where the doctors on duty declared him brought dead. 

Meanwhile, Vicky's family alleged that other members of the club are directly involved in the incident. Meanwhile, his family members have also filed a complaint against the police.

The deceased's wife said that on this evening, Vicky went out with their child to  a doctor. Then around 7 pm when she called her husband, she informed that a person named Biman Das had sent a car, he was going to his home. Since then his phone has been switched off. After some time news comes that Vicky has been shot.

She also said that Raju Burman killed her husband. Deceased Vicky's wife has filed a direct complaint against Raju Burman and Biman Das. She claimed that Vicky was being threatened for a long time on various issues of the club. Vicky's wife alleged that this anger was against him as Vicky is currently the general secretary of the club. He was shot dead by Raju Burman and Biman Das that day because of that enmity, Vicky's wife claimed.

Deceased Vicky's wife has claimed that these five people - Raju Burman, Rajesh Burman, Debabrata Burman, Santosh and Biman Das - are involved in the murder. She claims that Raju Burman is the mastermind of this murder. 

It is to be noted that Vicky had complained earlier against Raju Burman several times at the airport police station. But the deceased's wife claimed that the police released him after taking a huge bribe. The family of the deceased demanded exemplary punishment for the accused.

Meanwhile, there is a tense atmosphere in the entire area centering this murder. "We are police  investigating the incident" said police.