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Congress consider The Country as Its Property: PM Modi in Bihar Rally

The 7th phase of Lok Sabha elections in Bihar is considered very important for BJP. In the 7th phase, voting is to be held in a total of 8 Lok Sabha constituencies. These include Patna Sahib, Pataliputra, Buxar, Ara and Sasaram Lok Sabha seats. These seats are occupied by BJP. While voting is also to be held in Karakat, Nalanda and Jehanabad in this phase. NDA candidates are in the fray here.

In such a situation, BJP strategists have the challenge of winning the seats they won in 2019. While BJP has the challenge of scoring a hat-trick of victories in Ara and Patna, BJP is struggling to retain the victory in Sasaram and Buxar Lok Sabha seats. By changing the candidates from Buxar and Sasaram, BJP has taken a new challenge for itself. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also in  Bihar to focus on these seats of the seventh phase.

PM Modi first addressed an election rally in Bikram, Patna at 11:30 am. Bikram comes under Pataliputra seat. It is believed that the victory of the candidate of Pataliputra parliamentary constituency is decided by the votes of Bikram, Naubatpur, Bihta, Paliganj. After Bikram, 

PM Modi went to Karakat and campaign for Upendra Kushwaha, his rally time here is 1:30 pm. After this, the Prime Minister went to Buxar and hold an election rally at 3:15 pm. 

Addressing the rallies PM said:

These Indi alliance people can do anything for their political interests. These people do not even raise their voice against the insult of Bihar and Biharis. The Punjab Congress leader grossly insulted our Bihari labourer brothers and sisters who had gone there from Bihar to work and said that now we will not allow Biharis to enter Punjab. But the royal family of Congress has kept mum on this issue.

'Today I am giving another guarantee to the people of Bihar. Those who looted the poor of Bihar and got land registered in their name in exchange for jobs, should listen carefully, the countdown to their imprisonment has also begun. The NDA government will not spare those who looted Bihar. This is the guarantee of the NDA, it is also the guarantee of Modi.

During the rule of Congress and RJD, Naxalites kept everyone scared. But Modi is not afraid. Therefore, today a strong clean-up of Naxalites is going on. These same Indy people used to give another threat. They used to say that if anyone lays hands on the big corrupt, they will shake Modi's chair. Modi is not afraid. Whoever has stolen, whoever has looted the poor, no matter how big a king or prince he is...he will have to go to jail. For decades, their entire politics has run on the mantra of scare and scare others. But Modi has burst the balloon of their fear.

The Indi alliance is asking for votes because they want to repeal the CAA, they want to give free entry to the infiltrators, they want to bring back 370 from Kashmir. These Indi alliance people can do anything for appeasement, for their vote bank. They want to get your property X-rayed. Congress says that Muslims have the first right on the country's property. They want to end the reservation of SC-ST-OBC. Bihar has made its intentions clear. Bihar is not going to move away from the path of development now. Our Bihar has seen the terror of jungle raj for many years.

'These coward Congress and RJD people are saying that Pakistan has nuclear bomb, so be afraid of it. Because of these coward people, Pakistani terrorists used to attack India whenever they wanted and go away. Modi is not afraid like them, Modi told the army to go inside the house and attack. Today Pakistan thinks 100 times before doing anything.'

Congress considers the country as its property, it feels that the prince is the only heir. But the alliance people are saying that there will be 5 Prime Ministers in 5 years. Can such a big country run like this? Corruption is so deeply embedded in their values ​​that they are seeing the country as a bundle of notes.

 'After 500 years, a grand Ram temple was built in Ayodhya and your dream was fulfilled... I felt so proud. But when the whole country was celebrating, when the people of Buxar were sending gifts for Ram Lalla, then who were those people who were boycotting the Praan Pratishtha. These are the same people of Congress-RJD and Indy alliance, who create obstacles in every holy work.'