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Contraband Drug Loaded Truck Detained At Assam-Tripura Border

Contraband drug worth more than Rs 15 lakh has been seized from a container (lorry) loaded with goods by Churaibari Watch Post police at Assam Tripura Border under Bazarichara police station of Karimganj district (Assam) on the way of smuggling in Tripura. 

Container driver Jayanta Deb, a resident of Tripura, has also been arrested.

Pranab Milli, in-charge of Police Watch Post, said that a container loaded with online retail products bearing the number NL 01 AC 0700 bound for Tripura arrived at Churaibari police gate on Friday morning. 

He conducted routine searches with police teams on containers loaded with goods.

During the search, a total of 1,600 vials of narcotic cough syrup  has been recovered from  16 cartons which were hiding by various products 

The black market value of these will be at least 15 lakh rupees.

Container driver Jayant Deb a resident of Tripura, has been arrested on charges of drug trafficking. 

A case has been registered against him under the specific provisions of NDPS, said police officer Pranab Milli.